The 4th concert in their 2018 series. Feat. Maggie Ferguson (Bandoneon), Dan Russell (Violin & PC Director) & Katie Robinson (Piano). 2nd Dec in Sydney & 9th Dec Central Coast.

Video Credit: Jason Julien

Heart & Soul - Concert #3

A concert of improvisation, arrangement, extended techniques, and virtuosity. Garcia | Piazzolla | Burgmüller | Paganini 22/23 September 2018 - Sydney & Central Coast Violin - Dan Russell *PC director Guitar - Dr Anthony Garcia recorded live - Newstead House - Cellar Series - Brisbane

Excitement & Flair - Concert #2

Violinist Dan Russell travels 9000+ kms with his family across Australia. See image blog on Facebook: @phoenixcollectivemusic

This is it - Four concert programs across the year. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary, Free Improv and Tango - something for everyone. Violin, Piano, Harpsichord, Guitar and Bandoneon.Heritage listed venues in Sydney & Central Coast - Australia. Artistic Director & violinist Dan Russell

Sydney Arts Guide - Charm & Tradition

Sydney Arts Guide - Charm & Tradition